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Factors Affecting Results of African American Football Players During Every Football Season

Factors Affecting Results of African American Football Players During Every Football Season

Even in the 21st century, black people are still facing discrimination. There are many issues to be resolved, and even though sometimes it feels like we’re over this and people have finally accepted black people, something happens, and it seems like we’re back to square one.

Although you might feel that in sports, things are different, and African American football players do not face as much backlash and discrimination, racism is still an issue here.

We’ve compiled a list of the factors which can affect African American football players and make them underperform, as well as a couple of solutions.


In case of an incident, black players will be discriminated against first and even have racial slurs shouted at them. There are plenty of examples of matches where black players felt like they were sole of racism, like when PSG was playing Istanbul.

But it’s not just other players, referees, or supporters who can discriminate against them, but also important giants like the NFL. In the 1990s, African American players were severely discriminated against, and only now is the NFL trying to change it.

They will stop race-norming, a despicable assumption that black players have a lower cognitive function, so they couldn’t get the $1 billion settlement in case of brain injury because they couldn’t prove that they have been impaired as a result of an injury since they were rated lower from the get-go with no real proof.

How to Deal with Loneliness

The best way for African American players to get over their loneliness and feel like they fit in and are properly valued is dating services. Most use this website as far as it holds a good structure and lots of specific search features, permitting one to find love in short time(mentioning the preferred cultural heritage, age and race of the potential partner). Online dating websites allow you to connect with your peers, with like-minded people, singles who have the same core beliefs and passions as you do, of the same ethnicity, or who are not racists and love people with no regard to the color of their skin.

Moving from country to country, changing football clubs, and training hardcore all the time can lead to you feeling lonely, and the best way to find time for personal life and find a meaningful relationship is to join an online dating website.


Both when it comes to American football and soccer (European football), many football players are African American or of African descent, but not as many as Caucasian players.

This means that they have to perform in an environment that’s mostly white and comes with its own social and race-related issues.

Oftentimes, black players have a tumultuous football career as they are moved from club to club and have a hard time fitting in. While they are talented and hardworking players and clubs fight over them, they have a harder time making lasting connections with other players.

Language and culture

African American football players are, in many cases, not allow to follow their culture or speak the language of their family and ancestors. They are treated medically as white people and are not given a more tailored medical even after countless studies have shown that they are predisposed to different diseases. Luckily, an African-American biobank is in a discussion.

Tips for Work-Life Balance

It’s important that you find balance, learn to relax, and stay close to those who love you. Make new friends, find a girlfriend or a boyfriend, and spend quality time away from the issues that still exist in the world today. Online dating websites have the necessary technology to help you vet singles from all over the globe and find a perfect match that will help you cope with negative factors.

Remember to make time for yourself. Take breaks, plan vacations, have some alone time, go out with friends, have dinner with your family and try to lead a normal and fulfilling life. And remember that not all Caucasian men and women have it out for African American people; you just need to know who to trust and let into your life.

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