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Future Bets in Soccer

Future Bets in Soccer

From daily conversations with friends at work or school, you may sometimes find yourselves predicting the result of a game league or even go as far as making bets with it. To take it to the next level, planning to make more money from predictions, you would need to learn the more about soccer features and how to call your best shots and not just make bluffs.

Just as the word implies, the future is an expected time. Future or Outright are terms used interchangeably in betting, they both mean the same thing. Though in the United States, Future is the most prefered term.

Future betting in soccer unlike other betting are long term and are not dependent on the results of a single match or game. In future betting, you wager against a series of events like in a competition. You predict who would end up with the trophy. This type of betting allows you in increase your wager along the competition.

How Do Future Bets Work?

Most future betting starts about a year before the beginning of the season or competition. The odds are adjusted all year round depending on different factors such as how much people wager on teams, injuries to the players, trades and so on.

Once you place your bets on a particular odd, the future bet is locked in for you irrespective of whatever change might have been made by the bookmark on the odd or a change in schedule.

How to Interpret Future Odds

The Future odss are using represented in a tablular form with the each team and their respective odds. They are listed in a hierarchy from the teams with the best chances above to those with the least chances to win below.

The odds are written in a fraction form, like 5/7, 10/1 and so on. You can calculate the expected yield by multiplying the fraction with your wager.

For example, if the odds against Manchester United is 5/7 and you are waging $500 for it. Your profit, if they win would be (5รท7 x 500). This would yield $357, in total, you'd be getting $857, where $500 is your capital or wage. You can try it out on www.novibet.ie/sports.

When Do You Get Your Future Bet Returns?

Ideally, future bets are not paid out until the event has been completed. However, for future bets like Over / Under, the win totals would not be paid out until the season is over. The normal rule applies for championship games. The bets are paid out shortly afte6the winner is announced.


Knowing the number of things you have to do right to be able to correctly predict the winner of a competition and how hard it can be, it is in no way less rewarding. The higher the number of teams that are likely to win and the higher the steps to be won, the tougher the competition and the smaller the chances of a corect prediction. Consequently, the payouts of the future wager are usually mouth watering and worth all the effort.

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