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Liverpool 0-1 Burnley: Premier League – as it happened

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Key events Show 9.52pm GMT 21:52 FULL TIME: Liverpool 0-1 Burnley 9.41pm GMT 21:41 GOAL! Liverpool 0-1 Burnley (Barnes 83 pen) 9.40pm GMT 21:40 Penalty for Burnley! 8.49pm GMT 20:49 HALF TIME: Liverpool 0-0 Burnley 7.01pm GMT 19:01 The teams 5.24pm GMT 17:24 Preamble Live feed Show

10.11pm GMT 22:11

The managerial post-match interviews are still to come. In the meantime, Richard Jolly’s report from Anfield has landed. Here it is!

10.04pm GMT 22:04

Ashley Barnes, who secured Burnley’s first win at Anfield since 1974, speaks! “What a shift from the lads, a great team performance. We believe in every game, and it was no different today. We knew it was going to be tough and we stayed resilient. We keep believing. We knew we would grow into the game. We managed to stick to our jobs and it worked. It was a bit of handbags [with Fabinho]. He gave us a little kick after, but it was one of them, and you just get on with it. [The result] is a great achievement. Every goal is massive, but the next one now is the most important.”

9.57pm GMT 21:57

That’s the end of Liverpool’s long unbeaten run in the Premier League at Anfield! A sequence that stretched all the way back to April 2017 is finally over after 69 games! Alisson engages the referee in a token argument over the penalty, but a grim-faced Klopp comes across to usher him away. Liverpool were appalling tonight ... but they were only as good as Burnley allowed them to be. Sean Dyche’s team were magnificent to a man, and fully deserved the win. The three precious points they’ve earned launch them into 16th place, two points ahead of Brighton on 19, with a game in hand. As for Liverpool? They remain in fourth, six off Manchester United’s lead, Spurs and Everton breathing down their necks, and still without a Premier League goal in 2021. A season to concentrate on the cups, perhaps? Sunday’s game at Old Trafford suddenly gets even bigger.

9.52pm GMT 21:52

FULL TIME: Liverpool 0-1 Burnley

Burnley have done a comprehensive number on the champions!

9.51pm GMT 21:51

90 min +4: Alexander-Arnold and Minamino earn a corner out on the right. Alisson comes up again. Robertson takes, Pope claims, and that’s surely that!

9.50pm GMT 21:50

90 min +3: Barnes goes down and his treatment eats up a few precious seconds. Burnley are so close now!

9.50pm GMT 21:50

90 min +2: Liverpool win a fortunate corner, a ricochet from long distance. Alisson comes up. There’s a bit of bedlam, but Burnley hold firm. Alisson heads back.

9.49pm GMT 21:49

90 min +1: McNeil has a lash from 25 yards. It flies wide left.

9.47pm GMT 21:47

90 min: Nothing comes of the corner. There will be four minutes. Four minutes for Liverpool to save a long unbeaten home record in the league that stretches back nearly four years!

9.46pm GMT 21:46

89 min: When it’s not your day ... Alexander-Arnold shoots low from the right. The ball flies toward Firmino, who flicks cleverly towards goal. The ball ricochets off Mee and out for a corner. That could have gone anywhere!

9.45pm GMT 21:45

88 min: Liverpool continue to toil. Burnley look extremely comfortable.

9.44pm GMT 21:44

87 min: Matip is booked for a cynical handball as Burnley attempt to break upfield.

9.43pm GMT 21:43

86 min: Liverpool haven’t responded to that shock at all. On the touchline, Klopp looks resigned to defeat.

9.42pm GMT 21:42

84 min: Minamino comes on for Shaqiri. Too late to have any sort of effect?

9.41pm GMT 21:41

GOAL! Liverpool 0-1 Burnley (Barnes 83 pen)

Barnes whips his 100th senior club career goal into the bottom right! Alisson went the right way, but had no chance. Liverpool’s long unbeaten run at Anfield is now in serious peril!

Updated at 9.59pm GMT

9.40pm GMT 21:40

Penalty for Burnley!

82 min: Barnes barges his way past Fabinho down the inside-right channel and into the box. He’s free! Alisson races off his line and spreads himself. Barnes needs no invitation. Over he goes, and that’s a penalty!

Updated at 9.55pm GMT

9.38pm GMT 21:38

81 min: It’s attack versus defence now, though Liverpool don’t have any idea how to break through the deep Burnley block. Dinks on the edge of the box and nothing any further.

Updated at 9.42pm GMT

9.35pm GMT 21:35

79 min: ... Pope punches clear with calm confidence.

9.35pm GMT 21:35

78 min: Salah runs slap-bang into the back of Pieters, and this is a free kick just to the right of the Burnley box. Alexander-Arnold curls it in, and ...

9.34pm GMT 21:34

76 min: Liverpool scored seven at Palace before Christmas. They haven’t won in the league since. They’ve only scored once since then. Minamino hasn’t played in the league since. It’s a bit strange that he’s not been given any chance to break the logjam.

9.33pm GMT 21:33

74 min: Alexander-Arnold reaches the byline and whips in from the right. The ball hits Pieters on the arm, but neither referee nor Mr VAR is interested. That was in seen-them-given territory, but there was certainly no clear and obvious error, so the decision stands.

Updated at 9.48pm GMT

9.29pm GMT 21:29

72 min: Firmino snaffles a Pope roll-out and aims for the bottom right. He shanks it well wide.

9.29pm GMT 21:29

71 min: McNeil again gets the best of Alexander-Arnold down the left. He cuts back for Gudmundsson, arriving late. Gudmundsson sidefoots wide left from a tight angle. That was a decent chance.

9.26pm GMT 21:26

69 min: Shaqiri shovels a diagonal pass towards Firmino on the left-hand edge of the six-yard box. Firmino can’t guide an effort goalwards with a telescopic leg. Pope likely had the angle covered anyway.

9.25pm GMT 21:25

67 min: From a deep position on the right, Lowton loops a huge diagonal pass towards Barnes, who enters the box free! He whips a shot towards the bottom left. Alisson palms it away, a fantastic save, though the flag eventually goes up for offside. Alisson wouldn’t have known that. It was another great stop. Both keepers are playing very well. Just look at that scoreline!

Updated at 9.38pm GMT

9.22pm GMT 21:22

65 min: A second change for Burnley, and their first tactical one: Gudmundsson comes on for Brady.

9.21pm GMT 21:21

64 min: Alexander-Arnold snatches the ball off McNeil and sends Salah off down the right. Salah pulls back for Mane on the spot. Mane’s under pressure from Lawton, and skies his shot.

9.20pm GMT 21:20

63 min: So having said that, Liverpool drop the tempo again. Burnley hold their shape, and the hosts go nowhere.

9.18pm GMT 21:18

61 min: Nothing comes of the corner, but Liverpool have picked up the tempo a bit. They already look better since their double change.

9.17pm GMT 21:17

60 min: Wijnaldum turns just to the left of the centre circle and embarks on a sensational diagonal run to the edge of the box. He slips the ball to Salah, who fires towards the bottom right. Pope, having another fine game at Anfield, claws out at the expense of a corner.

Updated at 9.29pm GMT

9.15pm GMT 21:15

58 min: Klopp has seen enough. Salah and Firmino are sent on, in place of the ineffectual pair Origi and Oxlade-Chamberlain.

9.14pm GMT 21:14

56 min: McNeil drifts past Alexander-Arnold down the left with ease. Matip steps across to put a stop to his gallop, a fine reading of the situation.

9.13pm GMT 21:13

55 min: Shaqiri floats one in from a deep position on the right. Another doddle for Pope.

9.11pm GMT 21:11

54 min: Westwood hoicks a dismal effort miles over the heads of everyone in yellow and yards right of the target. On the touchline, Dyche seethes silently. The scariest type of seethe.

9.10pm GMT 21:10

53 min: Alexander-Arnold swings a couple of crosses in from the right. Easy for the Burnley defence. Barnes goes up the other end. He’s heading down a dead end, but Thiago foolishly slides in to concede a free kick, out on the left. Burnley load the box.

9.08pm GMT 21:08

51 min: Alexander-Arnold cuts in from the right and has a bash. Pope does well to stop the vicious shot, which was heading into the bottom right. He can’t hold on, though, and the ball breaks loose. Mane is lurking, but Pope adjusts his prone body to whip-kick clear just in time. That results in a corner; the corner leads to another, then to nothing.

9.06pm GMT 21:06

49 min: He can’t continue. Pieters comes on in his place. Taylor did the damage while stretching to complete a clearance under pressure from Origi.

9.05pm GMT 21:05

48 min: Taylor is down with what looks like a muscle injury.

9.04pm GMT 21:04

47 min: Mee hangs out a leg to stop Oxlade-Chamberlain marauding down the middle. He’s slightly fortunate not to be booked.

9.03pm GMT 21:03

46 min: Liverpool are instantly on the front foot, but Alexander-Arnold’s cross from the right is far too close to Pope, who gathers quietly.

9.02pm GMT 21:02

Liverpool, kicking towards the Kop now, get the ball rolling for the second half. Neither team have made a half-time change.

8.59pm GMT 20:59

Half-time entertainment. That’s been provided by footage of the Klopp-Dyche dialectic. A proper eyeball-to-eyeball row, Klopp chasing his opposite number down the tunnel, Dyche turning to give as good as he got. Not entirely sure what sparked that, as neither manager appeared to witness the Fabinho-Barnes non-event. We don’t like to see it, though we do. The post-match interviews are going to be something.

8.52pm GMT 20:52

VAR nonsense complete. Mike Dean shows Fabinho a yellow card for kneeing Barnes in the arse. It looked nothing more than a garden-variety coming together, but VAR checks for a possible red. However the on-field decision stands. Just a yellow, though Fabinho appears genuinely confused that anything’s been given at all. Robertson may well have been aggrieved at Barnes going down, but it didn’t look as though the Burnley man did anything wrong either. And while all that was going on, Klopp and Dyche were exchanging philosophical ideas in the tunnel! It could be a fun second half.

8.49pm GMT 20:49

HALF TIME: Liverpool 0-0 Burnley

The whistle goes for the break. Klopp runs off down the tunnel, then turns back. There’s a stramash on the field! Fabinho and Barnes had come together under a high ball, just before the whistle. Barnes went down. Robertson isn’t happy. This one’s going to VAR, despite the half being over!

Updated at 9.07pm GMT

8.47pm GMT 20:47

45 min +1: The ball’s tapped to the right by Thiago. A wee bit too much on it. Alexander-Arnold aims for the top right. He just about finds the top right of the Anfield Road Stand.

8.45pm GMT 20:45

45 min: Mane is clipped to the floor by Brownhill, on the left-hand edge of the Burnley D. A free kick in a dangerous position. Liverpool have one added minute in which to take it.

8.45pm GMT 20:45

44 min: Mee, the last man, takes an absurd fresh-air swipe at a simple ball - think Gerry Young in the 1966 FA Cup final, kids! - allowing Origi to race clear. He’s one on one with Pope! He reaches the edge of the box and powerfully sidefoots past the keeper ... but his rising shot, meant for the top right, caroms off the junction of post and bar! Pope claims the rebound with a smile.

Updated at 8.52pm GMT

8.42pm GMT 20:42

42 min: Liverpool have enjoyed 90 percent possession during the last ten minutes. Much good it’s done them. Origi dinks a cross from the right towards Mane, who is caught offside. Origi should have taken a shot himself; his decision making has been very poor so far.

8.41pm GMT 20:41

40 min: Alexander-Arnold drops a shoulder and shoots from a tight angle on the right. Taylor blocks and deflects out for a corner. Nothing comes of that.

8.40pm GMT 20:40

39 min: Robertson is sent into the Burnley box on the left. He tries to beat Pope at his near post with pace, but the keeper stands firm. Then Barnes is booked for scything through the back of Thiago earlier in the move. With industrial quantities of chutzpah, he complains about the decision, but it’s as clear a yellow card as you’ll ever see.

8.38pm GMT 20:38

38 min: Alexander-Arnold has a look from the best part of 30 yards. That one’s heading off towards Goodison.

8.37pm GMT 20:37

37 min: Burnley are knocking the ball around confidently. Liverpool not so much.

8.35pm GMT 20:35

35 min: Shaqiri brings Taylor down on the left wing with a forward’s challenge. He walks off shaking his head. The resulting free kick finds Brady on the right-hand corner of the box. He has a whack but it’s soft and an easy gather for Alisson.

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