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West Brom 1-2 Liverpool: Premier League – live!

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Key events Show 6.28pm BST 18:28 Full-time: West Bromwich Albion 1-2 Liverpool 6.26pm BST 18:26 OH MY ABSOLUTE COMPLETE AND UTTER DAYS! West Bromwich Albion 1-2 Liverpool (Alisson 90+5) 5.22pm BST 17:22 Half-time: West Bromwich Albion 1-1 Liverpool 5.05pm BST 17:05 GOAL! West Bromwich Albion 1-1 Liverpool (Salah 33) 4.48pm BST 16:48 GOAL! West Bromwich Albion 1-0 Liverpool (Robson-Kanu 15) 3.36pm BST 15:36 Teams! 3.02pm BST 15:02 Preamble Live feed Show

6.35pm BST 18:35

What on earth?!

6.33pm BST 18:33

Oh, and credit to West Brom, who played really well today. But for the fact that they scored fewer goals than Liverpool did, they deserved their point, and will be fuming about the foul that preceded the equaliser and the offside that prevented them from going ahead. I’d say the first was unlucky but the second was fair enough; something tells me that Not-insubstantial Samuel will see things differently.

6.31pm BST 18:31

Credit to whoever made the call to send Alisson forward. Obviously it made sense because a point wasn’t much use to Liverpool, but not every team would’ve done that.

6.30pm BST 18:30

Alisson is in tears as he leaves the pitch – he’s had a rough old season. But Liverpool now have Burnley away and Palace home to save their season; they’ll have to play better than they did today, but they’ll be absolutely bouncing and I’d not back against them.

6.28pm BST 18:28

Full-time: West Bromwich Albion 1-2 Liverpool

Glorious, wonderful, expletive football!

6.28pm BST 18:28

90+6 min That’s a monstrous header, it really is. West Brom will be gutted it was a free one, but the delivery and connection were perfect. If Liverpool win their final two games, they’ll almost definitely make the top four.

Updated at 6.31pm BST

6.26pm BST 18:26

OH MY ABSOLUTE COMPLETE AND UTTER DAYS! West Bromwich Albion 1-2 Liverpool (Alisson 90+5)

OH MY GOD! The corner is a good one, clipped near post, and Alisson is up alone, flicking powerfully into the far corner! What a hit of prime, uncut Barclays!

Updated at 6.32pm BST

6.25pm BST 18:25

90+4 min Mane again forces his way down the left and his low cross is blocked behind. This is it, and Alisson comes up....

6.25pm BST 18:25

90+3 min Jamie Carragher gives Thiago man of the match which I guess is fair – he’s been the best player on the pitch. But the most important player on the pitch has been Bartley – without him, Liverpool win this by a couple.

6.24pm BST 18:24

90+2 min Here it comes, and when the header drops to Shaqiri, just outside the box, he knocks off a lovely disguised pass to Wijnaldum, in space on the right of it. He might shoot or try to manufacture an angle, but instead he takes the easy option, knocking back to Thiago, whose shot is blocked by Bartley.

6.23pm BST 18:23

90 min There’ll be four added minutes, and at the end of the first, Mane wins a corner down the left. Liverpool’s season might just be here....

6.22pm BST 18:22

90 min But here come Liverpool again, Shaqiri knocking square for Wijnaldum, just outside the box and with a clear shooting lane! But he can’t quite get his shooting foot perpendicular to his standing foot, so you can see in advance that his curler will fly wide.

6.21pm BST 18:21

89 min It’s just not happening for Liverpool, who’re scrolling through all the old options but not getting very far. Most recently, Alexander-Arnold snaps a cross to the far post, but gets too much on it for Mane at the back post.

6.20pm BST 18:20

88 min I meant to say, just a few minutes ago Klopp sent Wijnaldum on for Williams.

Updated at 6.25pm BST

6.19pm BST 18:19

87 min Liverpool have created little in the way of chances this half, but Firmino, who’s coming deeper and deeper – as Madonna once sung – moves the ball on to Thiago, who flings his whole self into a shot that’s deflected by Townsend and shovelled around the post by Johnstone. The corner comes to nothing.

6.17pm BST 18:17

86 min Mane, Shaqiri and Robertson prompt around the left corner of the West Brom box, the latter poking a pass that’s deflected behind for a corner; again, Bartley is there to head clear.

6.16pm BST 18:16

85 min That said, Alexander-Arnold has played well today. I’ve no idea what Gareth Southgate will do, but we know Kyle Walker will be one of his right-backs; it makes no sense not to give yourself a game-changing option with the other.

6.15pm BST 18:15

83 min But here’s the chance! Firmino comes deep and punches a lovely ball out to Alexander-Arnold, who immediately ducks inside, sending Phillips out for a kebab. But just when a winner looks inevitable he panics, leaning back and swiping over the top when he had time to pick his spot.

6.14pm BST 18:14

83 min West Brom have done a much better job of relieving pressure this half, while Liverpool have lacked a bit of width and a bit of invention.

6.13pm BST 18:13

82 min Allardyce sends on Grant for Robson-Kanu, who’s had a decent afternoon.

6.12pm BST 18:12

81 min Shaqiri sticks a pass towards the line and Firmino catches up with it, but he can’t get enough arse around the ball to cut it back to where his mates are, and West Brom clear.

6.11pm BST 18:11

79 min Shaqiri knocks off to Thiago, who has a look, waves a foot over the ball, and makes an angle for a shot which flies wide of the far post.

6.10pm BST 18:10

78 min Here come West Brom down the right, someone – Furlong I think - finding Robson-Kanu. But his first touch takes him wider than he’d like, and Alisson rushes out to smother.

6.09pm BST 18:09

77 min “And, as someone once said, if you’re not interfering with play you shouldn’t be on the pitch,” notes Richard Hirst.

Is that Cloughie? The problem with the law is that it’s unclear, so defenders don’t know whether they can play offside. I think that the game is attacking enough now so that offside can just mean offside

6.08pm BST 18:08

76 min Fabinho clumps a long pass over the top for Robertson, who arcs a low cross that looks dead set for Mane ... until Ajayi slides in out of nowhere, diverting the ball wide – though for a second it looks like he’s found the corner.

6.06pm BST 18:06

75 min Another change for West Brom, England’s Jake Livermore replacing Yokuslu.

6.05pm BST 18:05

74 min Thiago, who’s had a quieter second half, lofts a lovely cross-kick towards the line for Alexander-Arnold, who stretches it into the middle. But though Townsend misjudges the situation, Bartley - who’s had a superb game – is there to tidy up.

6.04pm BST 18:04

73 min Maitland-Niles replaces Diangana, or in other words Allardyce wants his point.

6.04pm BST 18:04

71 min Well! A terrific corner from Gallagher is won in the air by Ajayi, who heads down; Bartley forces it home, but the flag goes up because, in the middle of the goalmouth, Phillips was right in front of Alisson. It’s a trick one, that – according to the laws, it could go either way, but the way I see it, if you’re that close to goal you’re interfering, so I think the officials have got that one right.

Updated at 6.17pm BST

6.01pm BST 18:01

69 min Liverpool are pinning West Brom back now, but the home side are doing better at finding their out-ball, and good work from Pereira then Gallagher down the left sees Phillips, down the right, win another corner.

6.00pm BST 18:00

69 min “Can West Brom hang on for the rest of the match?” wonders Mary Waltz. “Probably not. But wouldn’t Big Sam love to kick one of the big boys on his way down. I can see him post match downing a pint and barking ‘Gaangghaaam Press my arse’.”

*pint of wine

5.59pm BST 17:59

68 min Mane finds Firmino, who drills a low shot which flies behind off Ajayi.

5.58pm BST 17:58

67 min Salah helps a ball out to Mane, but again West Brom get men between man and goal, Bartley making the challenge.

5.57pm BST 17:57

65 min Pereira comes in off the left and oozes past Alexander-Arnold, forcing Shaqiri to knock behind. The corner is poor and Alisson claims, but West Brom are getting regular opportunities to put balls into the box and will back themselves to find a decent one eventually.

Updated at 5.57pm BST

5.55pm BST 17:55

63 min Salah is playing through the middle now, sort of, and Shaqiri is around there too. I guess if Alexander-Arnold can be relied upon for width, it makes sense, as West Brom are crowding Liverpool out inside their box.

5.54pm BST 17:54

62 min West Brom have improved since the break and take a corner short, Gallagher lofting a decent ball to the back stick. But Williams does brilliantly to get up before Bartley at cost of another corner, which comes to nothing.

5.52pm BST 17:52

61 min If we’re looking at potential outgoings and replacements, then honestly, the best replacement for Mane I can see (and a player that Klopp would absolutely love) is a certain M Rashford,” advises Matt Dony. “I admit, it’s a reasonably unlikely move.”

Goodness me, that would finish me off.

5.50pm BST 17:50

59 min Klopp sends Shaqiri on for Jones, which makes sense – Thiago is being given so much time on the ball, another carrier isn’t as important as another potential scorer.

5.49pm BST 17:49

57 min But the delivery is poor and suddenly 629 Liverpool players tear forward on the counter, Jones carrying the ball forward and slipping Salah in. Johnstone, though, does really well to narrow the angle - are you watching Dean Henderson? – and the shot is deposited directly into his midriff before the flag goes up.

5.48pm BST 17:48

57 min Nice from West Brom, Diangana attacking the space in behind Alexander-Arnold and found by Phillips; he crosses and other Phillips knocks behind for a corner.

5.47pm BST 17:47

56 min On the touchline, Shaqiri and his hair are preparing to come on.

Updated at 6.02pm BST

5.47pm BST 17:47

55 min Mane has come onto a game here, and he takes a short pass off Jones – who’s been quiet – before dashing off along the diagonal. He looks up finds Salah, but Townsend does really well to stand his ground and make the tackle.

5.45pm BST 17:45

53 min “I doubt that FSG is planning to take money out of Liverpool in a cash-flow sense,” says Luke Jones. “According to the Forbes list, the value of the club has gone up a few billion dollars in recent years. There’s a good chance that splashing on big signings could return big value for the club overall.”

I’m not sure. I expect the pandemic has changed whatever their plans were, though I agree that if they sold the club now, they’d make absolute bank. Either way, they didn’t buy the club for the love of it, and they are their priority, not it.

5.43pm BST 17:43

51 min Pereira counters for West Brom, motoring from right to centre. He has men back over that side but with defenders between him and them, he should go at Phillips. Instead, though, he shoots from 20 yards, Phillips gets a touch, and Alisson saves easily.

5.41pm BST 17:41

49 min Thaigo knocks a speculative ball in behind after which Alexander-Arnold chases, doing brilliantly to hook over a cross. Bartley gets the first touch, but it ends up with Salah outside the box, who chips into the middle for Mane to finish ... but up goes the flag.

Updated at 5.50pm BST

5.40pm BST 17:40

47 min But on that final point, I’d be surprised if Liverpool have the money it’d take to get Bellingham.

5.39pm BST 17:39

46 min “Van Dijk’s value to Liverpool was, together with Alisson, far more psychological than anything else,” says Rick Harris. “Two seasons ago they lost the title to City by a point having matched them the whole campaign and then won the Champions League, and then the World Club Cup thingy. Then they absolutely stormed the league last season while City collapsed and lost 9 games. Liverpool have had a similar collapse this season, but I reckon they will come storming back next time round. Jude Bellingam is the player they need to go out and buy and let Wijnaldum go.”

I agree to a point – Alisson is loads about confidence, because most of his crucial saves have been right at him but his defenders know he’s not going to drop them in it. Van Dijk is a bit different – his recovery pace means they can squeeze and his long passing gets them up the pitch. But yes, his presence – rather like that of Dias at City who isn’t as good a player – keeps those around him focused.

5.37pm BST 17:37

46 min We go again; huge half for Liverpool coming up.

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